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Quick tip about using restrooms in Europe and beyond


Totally Freaking Rad Ghost Towns

I saw this article and I had to share — 7 Modern Ghost Towns that look like Sci-fi Movies.


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Little Dude & The Traveling DB

My best-friend’s son (we’ll call him Little Dude) is 3 (almost 4) and I adore him to pieces. I was there when he was born and he has been my little buddy ever since. We would hang out and chat about life.

We were afraid of the way he would react when I left, so I thought about doing a traveling gnome thing with him.  I asked him for one of his toys.  For many weeks he debated. He has several of these tiny Buzz Lightyears that I had my eye on. I suggested them. He debated. He went through his other toys.

Finally, the week I was leaving he and his mom went through his toys once again to find the one that I would take with me.

He reviewed the options. Picked up the Buzz toy. “No, I need this one.” Picked up another toy. “I need this one too. How about this?” His mom, “That’s mine.” “Yeah, she can take that.” “But, it’s mine.” “I need all my toys. She can take that.”

He had already decided weeks earlier that I could take it and had talked about it.

I was living in their guest house, so one day after school he comes out. “Here you can take this.” “Are you sure? Did mom say it was okay?” “Yep.”

So, I wander into the house and verify that he was telling the truth. 

(Traveling Dancing Buddha, Deerfield Beach, FL - March 2013)

So, the Dancing Buddha has come with me on my travels. He originates from China where Little Dude’s mom bought him on her trip during college.

You can follow him on Twitter or my blog - #traveldb.



Sold more stuff and buying smaller stuff

Now that I have all the items that I need in order to maintain my work on the road, I have sold more of stuff to buy smaller versions of the things that I already own.

That heavy brick that powers my computer - gone. In comes a power source that weighs just 11.5 ounces. Computer mouse - so long my tethered friend. You have been replaced by a smaller wireless version.  USB cords, let me introduce you to your retractable counterpart.  

Power cords? I’m opting for USB power. A dual USB charger. I already have a power spliter, so I only need one plug and my converter to charge my Kindle, Computer, and Phone.

Only thing I had to add was a USB to Enthernet converter. My computer doesn’t come with an Ethernet port, so just in case I can’t find wireless I am covered.